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About Us

Our Policies


Norm Cıvata aims to provide necessary technical, financial and human support and to minimize losses in order to ensure safe and healthy work environments in raw material procurement, production, transportation, and each stage of other services. 

Accordingly, we undertake to

  • improve work environments and identify hazards in line with legal and other requirements;
  • classify hazards under unsafe situations and unsafe behaviors and to eliminate risks;
  • close nonconformities in a fast and effective manner with the support from the team of employees and achieve "zero accidents at work";
  • ensure safe working conditions for our sub-contractors and contractors at our site in order to improve awareness about occupational health and safety; and
  • extend the culture of occupational health and safety by providing employees with professional and General Occupational Health and Safety trainings.


Norm Cıvata aims to continuously develop with a environmental management system that will prevent waste at its source by applying necessary technical advancements in order to achieve its principles and targets for a sustainable environment in raw material processing and production phases.

Accordingly, we as the management team undertake to

  • make efforts in order to reduce and recover possible wastes and emissions that may arise during each production and transportation phase;
  • manage energy resources and possible leaks;
  • raise awareness among our employees about environment and waste management and to ensure their proactive engagement;
  • engage in continuous improvement works with employees to maintain our environmental sensitivity within the framework of legal requirements as well as other requirements related to our suppliers and customers; and
  • value efforts to build the necessary infrastructure in order to extend our environmental consciousness as part of various social responsibility projects.


As Norm Holding,

Ensuring that the Quality Management System is understood, applied and sustained at all levels of group companies, to provide a production and service insight with zero error philosophy that is customer and employee satisfaction focused; 
Continuously Improving the Quality Management System by Preventing Failures Before They Occur and Taking Precautions Required Not to Repeat Errors, 
Following the Developing Technology related to Fasteners Closely and Giving Continuous Training to our Employees Accordingly 
Aiming Continuous Development with Supplier Firms to Provide Full and Correct Service to Our Customers and Working with the Suppliers that have this Vision,



As Norm Holding our aim is to work with might and main to be a model company with our leadership in information security at the fasteners sector by managing our activities such as;

  • Ensuring that the policies and standards of our information security management system are determined, documented, resource allocated and continuously improved in such a way that they meet the requirements of ISO 27001 standards,
  • Ensuring the compliance with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,
  • Identifying the risks for business processes and to ensure its systematic management,
  • Ensuring the realization of trainings to develop technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase information security awareness,
  • Ensuring that the basic and supportive business activities of the company continue with the least interruption,
  • Maintaining and improving the credibility of the company by protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of assets
  • Managing the security breaches to be encountered by our company and to ensure the application of criminal sanctions where necessary,

in an integrated and efficient manner together with the other management systems we implement.