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Norm Vocational Education Unit İzmir Branch Norm Group Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors In line with the predictions of Nedim Uysal, it has started education and training with 20 students in 2007, as a Levelling department, where students are qualified for a Journeyman's Certificate after 3 years of education.

The students continue their training by continuing their skill trainings at the enterprises within Norm Group and the companies in Izmir Atatürk Organize Industrial Zone.

Vocational education students are trained to be qualified individuals in the framework of school-industry cooperation by learning to develop handcrafts, produce error-free work, problem-solving techniques, to work in a real production area with a productivity and quality logic and taking their masters as examples.

In 2015, upon commissioning of the production units in Salihli, the Norm Vocational Education Unit was commissioned in Salihli within the Norm Group. Creating qualified workforce and employment in Salihli by increasing the number of students every year is among our educational support goals.   


Norm Group continues to provide contribution and support to education not only with vocational education units but also with the Private İAOSB Nedim Uysal Anatolian Technical High School, which started education and training in 2014 and still continues education in temporary building.  

In the technical high school targeted to be completed in 2016 -2017 education year, a total of 500 students with 100% scholarship will participate in the school, representing the high-qualified technical manpower.       



Our workshop and gallery, established in 2003 with the aim of supporting artisans and artists, have given numerous artists and student the opportunity to open exhibitions and receive trainings in painting and sculpting since that day.

The art gallery located in Izmir Atatürk Organize Industrial Zone in Norm Somun enterprise hosts many different exhibitions throughout the year.



All wishing employees can participate in the club within Norm Group which was established with the priority of sustaining the ''Us'' awareness with the philosophy of "One for All, All for the Society" and voluntarily supporting the society in cooperation with different non-governmental organizations.

The Group puts book-clothes collection boxes in different places in order to improve awareness of cooperation and solidarity and support people with disadvantaged needs.

In addition, within the Norm Cafe, Hamza Necdet Uzuntaş Library where everyone can benefit was established. Our library is open to the contributions of all our employees.